Krismas 2013 Peaceful…for a Change!

Sometimes things do workout…even better than imagined. This year, as usual, my wife and I hosted Krismas dinner at our house. You’ll notice I typed that as Krismas, not Christmas, because we are not religious or spiritual, but we do enjoy a good pagan holiday in the winter! And that’s another topic for the blog for later.

Anyway, this year, as the weeks counting down to our annual feast dwindled we were far behind on preparations and planning due to various work and school commitments. In fact, it was not until three days before the event that our plan became more solidified.

Normally, when operating in last-second mode things fall through the cracks, are forgotten, or even totally dropped. But not this year. No, we seemed to be able to pull it together with an ease which we are not used to, even on short notice. I even left much of my shopping until Krismas eve, and found it to be very pleasant. My wife and I managed to pull together a simple, yet fun evening meal with about half of my family showing up (the full group of siblings, nieces, nephews, and grand parent is about 45!),

Something stood out about this dinner, more so than any other year. Even as the evening unfolded I found myself thinking that something seemed very different was taking place. I couldn’t quite figure it out, and then suddenly it hit me. We were having a good time! No fights, no arguments, no bitterness among family members. It was peaceful. So peaceful, in fact, that as we sat down to dinner all of the adults gathered at one time around our big table and ate together. We hadn’t done that in years! And what stood out more, was that after dinner we all stayed right there around the table talking as if we hadn’t seen each other in months. Right on through dessert and after-dinner drinks we all got along, around one table, with my dad witnessing all of it. That might have been the best part, because, you see, my dad has seen a lot of arguing over the years between his kids, but on this night there was none. Just peace. Even my oldest son noticed, and that meant a lot to me. One of the best Krismas days ever for me. I just wish that all of my siblings could have been there to see it.

Yes, strange things can happen on short notice, but so can great and wonderful things. Not that I will intentionally try this approach again next year, but at least now I know that peace can happen…even better than I ever imagined.

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