Opinions. Right or wrong?

Can an opinion be right or wrong? I think not. But, there are apparently many people who think an opinion that is not in agreement with theirs is wrong. It seems to me that by the very definition of the word opinion, which is, according to Merriam Webster : a belief, judgment, or way of thinking about something ; what someone thinks about a particular thing, one can be neither right nor wrong. It is merely someone’s statement about something. Not a fact, but a statement or belief.

Case in point, on social media a few days ago I posted a link about an atheist Sunday Assembly that I found fascinating. My post included the comment that if anyone was interested in starting such a group around here to contact me. Implied in the post was my opinion that I think a group of this nature would be great to have around here and give those of us who don’t believe in god a sense of community and the opportunity to do something for others. I was staying positive and not mentioning any other groups.

Replies were few, but i did get some likes and a share. I also received a post on my wall from a friend of mine that told me I was already going to hell because I am not following jesus. Then a few of his friends jumped on the bandwagon and told me that as an atheist I am small minded, won’t live long, am naive, and cannot understand the wonders of god. They also recommended that I read the gospel of John and then pray.

Well, to me that advice is a bunch of crap. As a guy who attended 12 years of catholic school and many more church goings than should ever be required of a person, I can say that I have read that information, heard it over and over in church, and do not want to ever read it again. To me more religion is not the answer.

The worst thing about the replies I was receiving on the post my friend left for me was that I was told that my opinion was wrong, and in so many words. I tried to rebut their onslaught, but they just kept covering themselves in the cloak of religion and bible sayings. i was very nice and respectful of them, but in return I was treated in a very un-christian like way, which I found rather ironic. How can my opinion be wrong? How can my opinion be right? You can either agree, disagree, or not bother with my statement, but it cannot be wrong or right. I’m not sure why these people did not see that point, but it never made it through to them. In fact, the post appears to have been deleted by the sender.

I just don’t get it. The case made by the religious people in that post is exactly the same argument that made me question religion and my beliefs in the first place. Now, I can say unequivocally that I no longer want to be part of any religion and I don’t believe in a god. Especially, if comments like these are the results of believing in such things. For me, religion is unnecessary to living a good life. Like it or not, that is my opinion.

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