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Article: Teaching in the Age of Minecraft

Teaching in the Age of Minecraft

When my son first began playing Minecraft I thought it was going to be another waste of time, much like the annoying Webkinz game. At least Minecraft didn’t require the unnecessary purchase of a stuffed animal to play.

Over time,  as my son played and created I could see the he was really enjoying the game and learning something at the same time. I thought the extent of education from the game was hand-eye coordination and creativity. His creations were amazing and his explanations of what he had done helped him put ideas together and tell a story that made sense. Since then I haven’t stopped him from playing Minecraft, just making sure he is being safe as he interacts with other players.

As the article shared here will show you, there is much more to learn from this game than meets the eye. From geography and history to math and engineering, teachers and gamers have been able to creatively manage Minecraft in such a way that the methods used in the classroom are more hands – on, interactive,  and innovative.

The next time you think your child is wasting time on a computer or internet game, maybe take a second to look again. You may just be seeing the next big leap in classroom innovation. Well done Minecraft.

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